Homegrown R.C. car (Version two)

The original car was a success but with inventions they are often approved upon. Even as I was building the first version of the car I was having doubts about the way certain things would work and if it would be strong enough. The biggest problem I was having was that the front steering system kept bending on me. Another problem was that it was not geared down enough so the engine faltered a little and the clutch was getting very hot. Here is a list of the modifications done: [ Return to the initial build page ]

  • Aluminum axel replaced with steel (it was bending)
  • Front spring-loaded bumper added (saving the steering)
  • Muffler added (more power)
  • Harder tires with foam inserts (supports the weight better)
  • Better (new) gas tank
  • One on/off switch for engine and electronics (ease of use)
  • Jack-shaft added to gear down the car (more torque)
  • Stronger steering system (but no suspension)
  • Greater ground clearance (off-road running is smoother)
  • Battery pack secured (no worries - cleaner looking)
  • No bottom face plate (makes cleaning easier)
  • Stronger roll cage (protection rules)
  • Dual servo saver springs (saves those expensive servos)


Here's the car in my driveway asleep and quiet.


Ground level shot showing greater ground clearance.


Shot from above.


It's coming to get you! The bumper was a needed feature.


I made this light-weight stand for testing and working on the car.


Here's the car on the stand. Great for working on tires.


It sits on it's rear-end all by itself. The bottom is open and is easier to clean. The dirt falls right through


The rear is stronger, simpler and looks cooler than in the first version. Looks count.


The added jack-shaft really helps. We now can easily roach the tires on pavement. Amazing


Another view of the gearing from above. Also the muffler.


A very simple steering system was developed. No suspension but strength and reliability. The cushion tires have enough give.


The new gas tank is great but I do get air bubbles once and a while. Any ideas?


The mighty pain in the butt muffler. It seems to work pretty well but this has been the most frustrating part of the project.


Here's the bumper and the on/off switch and the battery charge connector.