Eric Stoffers, Web designer extraordinaire!

I'm the owner of a small web site design, development and hosting company called ProActive Design LLC. We're located in New Berlin, Wisconsin and provide interactive solutions for many small businesses and organizations in southeastern Wisconsin. We're a small group of specialists with low overhead costs and thus are extremely cost-effective and attractive to small business owners.

I've been designing and building web sites for over 20 years and have been running my business for the last eight years or so. Listed below are some of the web sites I've built over the years.

ProActive Design LLC - Web site design and development
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Of course, the real work I do that actually breaks a sweat comes from working in my yard and on the house. Home improvement is a reward everyone should have. Never pay someone else to do something you can do yourself - it doesn't matter how rich you are, the satisfaction of doing the job yourself will last a lifetime.