Who is Eric Stoffers?

What's there to say? I'm a ripe yrs old and have been on this planet for a wonderful  to be exact. I'm 6'4" tall with brown bodily hair all over the place, goofy toes, a big German nose and can fart like you wouldn't believe. Once technology allows me to upload smells to web pages I'll capture one for you.

Roofing my house this summer has not been that much fun.
It was hot, back-breaking work and I got too sun burnt a number of times.

Ned's Pizza on 27th and Oklahoma is the BEST pizza. That's why
I endorse them by wearing their greasy delivery bag on my head.

I love doing stuff outdoors. Here I'm getting ready to plant a big
pine tree. Just trying to block the traffic view on Beloit Road.

A mighty hunter. Small woodland creatures beware.

I say farewell to one of my t-shirts right before I light it in flames. It's drenched in gasoline. This is standard procedure for loved T-shirts.

If you know me you'll know I'm a painful workaholic. I've got too many projects going on and never sit still. I'll probably die by 40 of a brain explosion or something.

Fishing is my favorite pastime I'd say. There's absolutely nothing like kicking back on a nice day with some music, good snacks and my fishing pole. I go fishing all the time during the summer.