Below are all of the vehicles I have ever owned. They're listed in the order bought with the latest at the top of the page. I don't know why I've done this other than as the years pass by I'd like to remember these vehicles - some more than others.

2000 Ford F-150

Owned July 2002 - Present

After I bought my Honda 250x ATV and knew the Ford Explorer was dying I didn't need any help finding an excuse to buy this truck. I load up the ATVs and head up north to my parents cabin many times each summer. The sand trails up there are amazing fun. This trucks rocks! I'm happy every day that I drive this thing.....I feel like I'm in a Ford commercial hauling stuff around. I'll never buy anything besides a truck again. Sure, I might have a drive-the-crap-out-of-it car or something for going to work and stuff but will always own a truck. And I think Ford makes them best. The picture above is taken way up north (7 hours) while deer hunting....BIG woods up there!

2000 Chevrolet Tahoe

Owned October 2005 - Present

We bought this Tahoe for trips up north as well as grocery getter. It's easier to put a car seat into and drives like a dream, so smooth. It's got all kinds of cool little features I've never had before in a car and spent a day just playing around with it. I just have to get those front windows limo tinted and it will be all set. Happy trails.

1991 Chrysler LeBaron

Owned  June 2004 - October 2005

Yet another free, hand-me-down car from my parents. But it was fun to drive for a while and I can now say I owned a convertible once in my life. I had 175k miles and smoked like a chimney but who can argue with free? We traded the car in when we bought the Chevy Tahoe. They didn't give us crap for it but at least I didn't have to deal with selling it. it's probably in a trash compactor somewhere.

1990 Dodge Shadow

Owned March 2000 - Present

This car used to be my sister Beth's car. She had so many problems with this car. Everything seemed to go wrong. She eventually bought another car and my parents drove it around for a while. The head gasket went and they decided it wasn't worth fixing since it was some little 4-cylinder with over 100,000 miles. They said I could have it for free so I took it and replaced the head gasket myself. It was a little work but it's been driving fine ever since. Thankfully my sister fixed everything that could ever go wrong with it before I got a hold of it. It's my beater, put-the-miles-on-it car.

1995 Ford Explorer

Owned February 2000 - July 2003

After I got married on January 22, 2000 (My birthday) the wife and I thought we'd get a bigger and more reliable car than our previous $300 mobiles we've been driving. I searched around for a while and finally found this one in the paper that some guy was selling over on the north side of Milwaukee. (some gangster kid actually). It ran good for me and was fun to drive out in the sand dunes by my parents cabin. In this picture we climbed this huge sand mountain...with everyone in the car doubting my judgment. Oh well, that's what alcohol will do for you.

1984 Chevy Citation

Owned 1999 - 2001

I found this car for my girlfriend (now wife) for $250 which was a good deal at the time for her. It had 100,000 miles on it and only needed some exhaust work. We put tires, brakes and exhaust on it and it ran good till we sold it. That dent on the driver side door was from Mandie when she crashed into someone (she can't drive at all). We actually bought this car twice. We sold it to Mandie's sister at one point and then for some reason she couldn't afford it so we bought it we wanted it back - it's just about the ugliest car ever made and completely embarrassing to even have on my web site.

1987 GMC Truck

Owned 1998 - 1999

This truck was originally bought from my former uncle by my parents. It ended up to be hot and some legal strings had to be pulled in order for us to keep this vehicle. My dad drove it for many years until he bought a SUV. I was in a car crisis so I adopted the dying beast and kept her going for a year or so. We sold it for $900 and sighed a great relief as it drove away under its own power and have not received any complaints from the new owner.

UPDATE: 2 years later I actually saw this truck again parked in Eagle, WI. My dad and I even stopped our car to verify that it was it. I'm amazed it was still running - those big ol V8s will last forever I think.

1987 Pontiac Grand Am

Owned 1995 - 1999

This car never ran right. I bought it from a gal from work and from that point on I think I should have not bought the car. What I thought was just a bad power steering pump turned out to be a bad rack and pinion which would have cost $450. I never fixed it so it always turned really hard. On a vacation up north once with my cousin Brian it blew a timing chain which ended up costing me $1,000 to fix. A couple years after that I was stuck in the middle of a flood and the whole, dumb thing was flooded. Amazingly enough I drove it away with only a busted window (that I plugged with plexiglass. However since the flood the thing has never run the same. No mechanic has been able to find the source of the problem...they all told me the car needs to be put to sleep - which I did.

1978 Honda Thunderbird

Owned 1995 - 1996

The mighty thunderbird. My grandfather found this car somewhere for I think $600 or something. It only had 45,000 miles on it and ran pretty good. I didn't keep this beast long because it was hard on gas and it was so old that I figured it was just about ready to die (plus it was SO attractive). I sold it for $1,200 to some gang bangers. Buy hey - I actually made money on this car.....that doesn't happen every day.

1985 Chevy Camaro

Owned 1993 - present

I bought this from a friend of my dads back in high school. A few things that I added and modified to the car since I purchased it are a hyper chip, Mallory hi-fire ignition, Flowmaster exhaust, tinted windows, prime rims, light blockout covers, purple underbody neon, and a stereo system with two 15" Rockford subs. I still own this car but since I don't drive it in the winter or when it rains it spends most of its time in the garage.

1989 Plymouth Horizon

Owned 1993 - 1996

My "peace mobile". My grandmother wrecked the car in an accident and I picked it up after that fixing the front-end myself with a bunch of junk yard parts (I was poor then). I don't have a picture of it but at a party once some friends and myself added to the peace sign with a bunch of custom artwork and hippie crap. This car was then wrecked again after I rear-ended someone (I was stoned) and once again I replaced the front end from a salvage yard - The car was pretty much held together with duct-tape. This car had so many serious problems but it served me very well and was a pleasure to drive. Eventually it died as we all do and a tow truck carried it away for $50. This was very sad as it signaled the end of an era for me.

1987 GMC S-10

Owned 1992 - 1993

This is the first vehicle I ever owned. I was 16 and was so excited to get this truck. It needed work like a fender and a paint job but as you can see I got it looking pretty nice (Nice rims). The problem was that the engine was junk. The V6 2.8 liter was very sick and it almost died right before I sold it....I think the person who bought it called a week later and told me it blew up or something.