Raising wild animals

Below are some of the past and current pets I've owned as well as some wild animals that have run across my property. They've been made into stew by now.

George the mouse

This is George the mouse. I found him when I was walking to my parents house which is maybe 100 yards away. He was just a baby with no hair and his eyes closed. He must have been in a nest in my dad's lawnmower and fell off when he was cutting the grass. We fed him milk and kept him warm and today he resides in a 40 gallon fish tank and eats like a king. Mandie feeds him fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables daily and spoils it rotten. Lucky mouse.

Ernie the bunny

This is just one of the many rabbits we rescued from my friend Brian's house. His dog was attacking the little rabbits se we took them in. Some died and a couple we released back into the wild a few months after they got bigger. We tried to tame them but these buggers are pretty wild and fast! They all got loose in the house a few times and we had to chase them down. Did I mention they can run very fast.

Peeing turtle

Not actually a pet but an experience with a turtle I will not forget anytime soon. Do you see that as I picked this turtle up off the road to rescue it it peed all over me.

Tom the turkey

This turkey wandered into our back yard one steamy summer morning. We've only see it a few times but we hope it comes back. You don't see too many wild turkeys in New Berlin.

Howard the Duck

We hatched Howard from an egg that came up from Mandie's cousin in Missouri. Actually Howard is a girl. A Mallard duck to be exact.

Howard's getting a little older here and is getting kinda ugly. Here Howard is exploring my computer desk and hopefully she doesn't poop all over. She's not trained.

This is Howard the duck (Mallard) all grown up into a big, happy duck.

Clancy the cow

My grandmother still lives on a farm but rents it out to a neighbor farmer. This year they have cows back in the barn. As a kid I always remember cows on the farm and now they're back. Moooooo!

The Fish

I didn't have a catchy name there but these are our fish. I didn't feel like scooping them out and laying them on the floor to take a picture so this is all ya get.

Fred the fish

Mandie (the Wife) catches a fish and right away thinks she's so cool.

Billy the Bass

What a nice picture. I caught this fish in late fall on a picture perfect day up north. My parents have a cabin up north about 30 minutes north of the Dells on a unknown lake called Twin Lakes. It's near Lake Arrowhead and close to the city of Nekoosa. The fishing has been better in the last few years.

No name rooster

A rooster that is probably in someone's freezer right now. We didn't name the roosters because we knew we would not be able to keep them. They're up at the crack of dawn crowing loudly and fighting with each other. What a bunch of mean ol hot heads. They get all fired up and prance around trying to out bluff one another.

Rick the Raccoon

We have a feeder in the back yard where we put table scraps and other leftovers. There's a motion light pointed on the feeder so we can watch them eat which is kind of fun. The other night I stuck a live trap out there and caught this young one. It took less than an hour to get him as there's always 2-3 coons out there each night. This guy wasn't that scared as I was talking to him and taking his picture. Too young to know any better I guess.

Bambi the deer

I snapped a picture of this deer strolling through my front yard right in the middle of the day. This deer must have been lost as this doesn't happen often.

Orphan mice

Since we have pet ducks that means there is corn and other food laying out for them. Thus the mice come. These little ones were in a nest near the coop. We put them in a bucket and drove them a few miles away and released them.

Psyco Possum

This guy found his way into my garage and was hiding under the car. Possums are kind of mean and I didn't want to take any chance (rabies) trying to catch this thing by hand. So I grabbed my parents trap and eventually caught it.

Snappy the turtle

A very small snapping turtle found up by the Dells along the Petenwell Flowage. We actually found a number of these guys that day.