Chainsaw Engine Powered R.C. Tank

My current invention in the works is a chainsaw engine powered R.C. (remote control) Tank. The thing is going to be very heavy, very slow and very tough - pure heavy metal glory! Below are pictures taken during it's creation, check back often for updates.

Materials list | The build

Materials list (as of 10/14/2006)

3/4" front axels.


Bicycle axels to be used as jack-shafts.


Rear differential, 3/4" axel..


Sprockets for track with 3/4" bore.


Cast iron bearing blocks, 3/4" bore.
Stainless steel tracks, 3/4" pitch.

The build (as of 10/14/2006)

The frame has been welded together out of 1/8" steel angle iron with some primer to keep the rust off. I'll do a better paint job later after it's almost complete.


Rear bearing blocks mounted and differential attached. I mistakenly made the diff too close to the frame, so I'm going to have to notch out a spot for the chain.


Another angle showing the differential setup. The axel is 3/4", bearings are cast iron.


Here's showing the sprocket attached. This is going to be one HEAVY tank.

Here I had to weld two of my bearing blocks to the moveable rear axel carrier.


Here's the rear axel setup. The axel can't be solid so there's two axels here. The whole thing needs to float on the frame so I can adjust the track tension.


Everything put together and it looks pretty good.


With four additional cast iron bearing blocks and this moveable metal carrier - the thing is HEAVY.


I dissembled the rear axel carrier and put a coat of primer on it. What good is a rusty tank?


Rolling chassis is complete! If you look closely, you can see the bolts in the back for tightening the moveable rear axel. It works like a charm.


Another angle of the rolling frame. This is an important milestone. Motor comes next!