Hunting & Fishing

I try so stinking hard yet I don't shoot many deer. At least not bow hunting anyway. I usually average a deer every other year gun hunting though. As for fishing I go for Bass and have caught some nice ones.


I take my bowhunting very seriously. You have to be mentally prepared to hunt an animal that weighs as much as you, can smell 1,000 times better, can hear better, run faster and on top of that to hunt the game on it's turf.

This is what it's all about. Gigantic deer! Dangerous deer that endanger people everywhere. I feel it's my duty to hunt them down for the good of all.

I travel 7 hours north to Bayfield county, it's about as far north as you can get in Wisconsin. A little cabin with no electricity or indoor plumbing. Have you even taken a dump outside in an outhouse when it's zero degrees, snowing and 4:30 a.m.? I've done that dozens of times in my life.

But you take the good with the bad. In this part of the country the woods and huge and the landscape is amazing. And it always seems to be snowing in late November. Down south we rarely have snow this time of the year.

I also go hunting up north near the Wisconsin Dells at my parents cabin. I like it here better because this place is nice and has all the comforts of home. The second week of deer hunting I go up with a few friends and try to find deer. We honestly do hunt but as of yet none of us have got deer.

We may do some drinking, playing cards and being guys but we also hunt. Notice the hunting cap on the table along with the beer.

This is the view you see most of the time while sitting all day in the woods. You stare at those trees and bushes looking for brown movement. But let me tell you: when there's movement and you spot a deer sneaking through it's a rush like nothing else.

Hunting is about over for the day. It's starting to snow, no deer and I'm ready for dinner.

Here's a tree stand I built the other year. It's pretty high. I've got a bench up there, railings and I'm thinking about running a cable wire out here so I can watch football.

And of course this is the most typical part. After hunting all weekend you'll walk out the front door of the cabin in the middle of the day and see deer right across the street. Figures!


Isn't this a great picture? I'm proud to admit I took this one.

The typical fish I catch. Panfish and Bass seem plentiful in the places I normally fish. This last year I caught a few Musky though. Not huge ones but nice all the same.

Open up dude. A basses mouth is as about as big as it's body.....

A nice 24" walleye. Earlier in the weekend I had a MUCH larger one up to the pier but as all good fish stories go - it got away. But I had a good look at it while wifey was running for the net...alas, she was slow.