Fire is good, fire is nice, I like fire. What can I really say here. Other than maybe that if you're at my house during the summer/fall on the weekend I'll almost always have a fire going in the backyard. Mostly because there is so much brush and dead trees to burn up.

Here's my fire pit. I built this with very large rocks that used to be in the front of my house out by the road. It took large chains, my truck and crowbars to get this into place. My cousin helped with this one. This pit is about 6 feet in diameter so it can get blazin that's for sure.

A nice fire.

Strange story: During the summer this girl (17yrs old) just wandered into my back yard when I was partying with a few friends. She was distraught, said her mother dropped her off her in New Berlin after a fight and left to go back home (three hours away). She didn't want to go to the police and ended up staying at my house till like midnight or so. Eventually a couple older (scruffy looking) friends came and picked her up. I could go into more detail but just trust me that the whole evening was strange.