Loves? Maybe. More like hobbies and things that are not as bad as others. Looking at my list here I think there's something wrong with me because who puts down fire as a love? I don't know...think what you want, this is my stupid web site.

Home improvement

From new shingles to decks to a whole two-story addition, I've been busy. Always be busy doing something new and challenging, when you slow down you die.

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R.C. Cars, Tanks, Boats

Another hands on hobby from my youth that gets better as I age. The inventions get more crazy with every project. A home-grown tank powered by a chainsaw engine is next.

[ Chainsaw Powered RC Car  |  Chainsaw Powered RC Tank ]


Gritty teeth and dry crusty nose nuggets is the name of the game. Hint: Invest in good goggles.

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Hunting & Fishing

I try yet I don't shoot many deer. At least not bow hunting anyway. I usually average a deer every other year gun hunting though. As for fishing I usually go for bass and have caught some nice ones over the years. Nothing beats dropping a line on a warm summer afternoon.

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Raising wild animals

Different animals seem make their way to my house (the wife). Animals include a wild mouse, duck, pheasant, chickens and fish.

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Video games

Since the Atari 2600 first came out I've been addicted. Great fun. The graphics today are amazing, it's just a shame I have little time to play. Everyone should play some amount of video games.

The stock market

Specifically penny stocks. These are stocks that trade under a dollar and are listed on the OTC (over-the-counter bulletin board). Sometimes stocks under a penny. This dark little corner of the market is shady and truly the wild, wild west. These penny stocks can go from .02 to .06 in a matter our hours, sometimes they run from .02 to .10...sometimes better. That's some serious return on your investment. But don't forget, it also goes the other way! There's an unbelievable amount of knowledge and strategy involved, but since I don't have much of this knowledge I'll be keeping my day job for some time.


I'm a web site developer so I guess if I didn't like computers there would be a problem. I find computer programming challenging and the kind of work that makes the day fly by. I'm not a total geek though. Please believe me.

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Rock collecting

My mother got me started rock collecting as a kid and lately I've been finding rocks here and there to add to my collection. You wouldn't think so many variations or rocks exist down in the ground.


Fast cars and big trucks. Someday I'd like to rebuild an old muscle car but time and funds are shorter than I'd like to admit....but someday.

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Movies are good. It's a common like but nothing beats a good movie, I like action, suspense and comedy movies, they should have a good twist or give you something to think about. I'm the kind of person that picks apart a movie after I see it and make fun of all the errors and impossibilities. I only annoy my wife when talking during the movie, so lucky her.


Mmmm, fire. What's not to like? Fireworks included.

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Weight lifting

Wish I had more time to work out, nowadays doing yard work, working on the house and getting the mail is the extent of my exercise.