ATV riding

I've been riding ATVs since I was about 10 I'd guess. My first ATV was a Kawasaki Bayou 185, a 4-stroke beast. That thing was great and I beat it so bad over the years but never really had any problems with it. They don't make them like that anymore. I've owned a few other ATVs over the years and here are some pictures.

Here's my ATV, it's a 1991 Honda 250X 4-stroke. In high school I had a 250R, which is the 2-stroke version. The two machines look very similar but the 250R version was smoking FAST. This machine is quieter and better for trail riding.

Loading up the truck is the first step. The best trails are up north in Adams county. Up there you can drive ATVs right on the streets - try that down here and you're in big trouble. There is also miles of fantastic sand trails up there. We pack food and drinks and spend whole days driving around, bar hoping and forgetting about life.

Here I am ripping it up and getting a little air. I just rebuilt the motor so it's running pretty nice lately. It's got some aftermarket parts on it here and there like the exhaust, bumpers, nerf bars, larger piston etc.

Just playing around in the sand up by the Dells. I remember this day and especially the fact that my teeth and lips were so gritty by evening that it looked like I was eating dirt.

Here's the wife spending more time working on her tan than ripping it up on the ATV. Girls! I'm riding next to her here and took this shot as we were flying down the road.