Well, what don't I like? Not much really. No lima beans, baked beans, water chestnuts or pears as far as food goes. Cotton balls and fleece fabric make me shiver or wiping sticky fingers with say barbecue sauce on a soft tissue. Argh, that really sucks. Here are some other things I could live without.

Chick-flick movies

Any movie that invokes emotions like love and friendship, babies or little animals or relationships etc etc etc have no place in front of my eyes.

Auto repair

I do most auto repairs myself and while this is kind of a love at times most of the time it is more about swearing and breaking things that were not broke when I started. Cars also seem to break when the weather is crap or in the middle of winter so I'm stuck outside freezing my fingers off.


Pears need their own category of hate and baked beans should go under here as well. Grimey, taste-like-sandy-rotten-apples to me.

Baked beans

They have the consistency of pears, maybe that's why I don't like them!

Over the top speeders

People who drive way too fast on the freeway and then expect everyone to get out of their way. If I'm going 80 in the fast lane along with everyone else and some guy is coming up from behind doing 90 there's no way I'm getting out of their way. I figure there's a line between driving fast and driving like a moron.


Not so much hate, maybe just that I don't understand them. I need a category for frusting things.

Stink bugs

Anyone else familiar with these nasty bugs? When you grab them to toss outside they puke up some kind of stinky stuff on you that smells like a sour turd. We have these bugs all over where I live here and at certain times of the year they're really bad.

Poison Ivy

Sure, who doesn't hate the stuff? But I have an intimate relationship with it and have had a few cases to make me an arch enemy!


I mean who likes seeing garbage all over the place? Why people feel the need to throw their trash out the window is beyond me.