Eric's Habitat

I live in Wisconsin, in a house, in New Berlin. It's more fun than living outdoors like my animal friends but at times I'm jealous of their simple living. Here are some pictures of my dwelling.

I live here. Right next to my parents place yet through the woods so it's not that close really.

First things first. Here's where I do my best thinking and have had many memorable experiences. Very special times with my dear friend.

The next most important thing is food. This is messier than normal but it's making me hungry all the same.

So I eat, poop and work on my computer and here's where that happens.

The workstation gets two photos since I spend so much time sitting here.
It's pretty comfortable though, the big window next to me is a big stress reliever.
The birds use that feeder you can see in the window, they sit and eat just 2 feet
away from me while I work.

I have the occasional time to play video games and prefer the XBOX. But once in a while I break out the old Nintendo and play Duck Hunt. I still love that game. The laughing dog always puts me in a good mood.

The garage gets two pictures as this is really my home away from home. The wifey completely took over the rest of the house so I'm not going to put any pictures of that on my web site. Just imagine girly decorations and candles and crap and you'll get the idea.

I'm proud of my organization. Probably too organized for my own good.

I love raspberries and have a nice little plantation that comes up each year. It is a lot of work to maintain just for a few berries....but it's good exercise.

No home is complete without a grill. I grill all year long. There will be a foot of snow on the thing and I'll still fire it up.

I love hammocks. I feel so guilty laying in it like I should be getting something done but once in a while it sure is nice.

ATV tails we've built over the years in the woods. Well worth the work, mosquitoes, poison ivy and thorn pricks I guess. There's nothing like flying through the woods on an ATV.

For fun I hung a few signs around the trails.

Here's the fire pit. I can't live without one. [ More on fire ]

And of course every tall person needs a basketball hoop and I'm no different. I suck but that's okay.

I hope you enjoyed this pointless little journey. There's no possible way that you can get back the minutes you wasted of your life on this page. How does that make you feel? You can contact me here with your complaints.